Way of Pavel Sequens (born in 1989), who comes from the surroundings of Benešov, to the painting canvas, was not quite simple or short. He occasionally devoted himself to drawing and painting from an early age, but despite studying graphics at the High School in Kolín, he diverted from this direction. Only in the autumn of 2014, when he got to his first canvas, he rediscovered his earlier hobby and for the first time in his life experienced the magic of oil painting, so to speak, “on his own brush”.


His approach to paintings, of course, changes, which is common for any painter. The artistic development is very important for Pavel, so there is a significant difference between the first and last paintings. It is not only a matter of choosing topics, but also a gradual release of the brush and finding new techniques. The concept of a new technique might seem a bit misleading because he strictly sticks to oil painting, but the use of the colors changes, and with it the technique of applying on canvas. The oil painting technique plays a crucial role in his work, thanks to the long drying time that allows him to re-enter the painting, and the long processing time also opens up new possibilities. For this reason, the final paintings often look very different from the original intended design.


One cannot clearly say where Pavel finds inspiration or which themes he likes to choose. The author himself says that each painting is always influenced by several factors. It can be a combination of perceptions from the surroundings together with the current mood that reflects author’s first vision in the head. Oftentimes it can be some problematic subject, set in a common situation. The most important thing for the author is the atmosphere, which is also the main connecting element for all works. The painting should evoke feelings based on the atmosphere in the viewer. Often his older works seems a bit depressing. But the author himself says, “Nothing is as negative as it seems. It’s only up to you, from what angle you watch.”

Pavel Sequens